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Random Thought-Dropping Ramble about my Artistic Fears; Read if You Dare


Doing some pondering for today (I hate when I think too much), and usually on a day like your birthday, I like to look at these as self-reflective periods. Like looking in a mirror periodically to check and see if your appearance is unkempt or not throughout the day.

I have quite a few fears being an artist/creator (believe it or not, for those who think I’m just a robot) and typically almost none of them are too earth-shattering or horrible to merit any attention. But there’s one that absolutely terrifies me.

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2000 AD Online: Open Submission Guidelines for Artists and Writers

So you want to work for 2000 AD? Bravo, Earthlet! If you make you will be walking in the footsteps of many of the biggest names in the comic book industry who have got their big break through the pages of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic.

On this page we have provided some basic guidelines for those wishing to draw or write for 2000 AD. Everyone who approaches 2000 AD must follow the same rules and we urge you to read them fully and take on board the advice.

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Be Kindly Honest, But Be Honest


In the writing world, it’s no real help if as a critic, you tell someone a manuscript is great and then they send it off and no agent or editor is interested.

If you don’t have an agent and editor who tell you the absolute truth (again, kindly, with optimism if it is warranted), then how are you going to sell books to readers? Readers are not kind. Go to goodreads if you have any doubts there.

If you have friends who don’t tell you the truth about mistakes you are making in your life, you are going to just keep making those mistakes. Wouldn’t you rather live through a momentary sting and figure out how to do what you need to do? Isn’t that what a real friend does?

Love, encouragement, and hope can all coexist with honesty. I think they coexist best with honesty, in fact. So go be honest. Kindly honest, but honest nonetheless.

From: The 27 Hour Day: How to Make Your 24 Hours More Productive and More Creative

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